2023 Week 24 Release

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Menu Manager


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a problem where the sorting functionality for Display Categories was active, but the associated sorting button remained disabled.


Loyalty App

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a problem where accounts from a separate instance would be displayed when sharing the same account ID.



New Features & Enhancements

  • Changed Wallet Accounts report to only show active accounts.

  • Changed Gross Sales fields to the following in the Devices report:

    • Approved Offline tile --> Approved Amount

    • Completion Pending tile --> Authorized Amount

    • Submitted tile --> Submitted Amount


Mobile Ordering & Wallet


New Features & Enhancements

  • Wallet home screen has been updated to emphasize virtual currency for eligible organizations.  The virtual currency balance is now easier to see, at a glance, and the balance history is easier to access (see screenshot below)

  • The QR Pay screen now includes the QR code numerical value to support locations without scanning ability by manually entering the numerical value

  • "Pickup your order ..." text has been removed from the confirmation screen for suites mobile orders

  • Extraneous padding above the menu item image in the item details has been removed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Marketplace where tiered exclusive experiences could not be purchased by users in that affiliation tier

  • Fixed an issue in the cart when trying to edit the variant of a merchandise item

  • Fixed an issue where users are unexpectedly redirected from the wallet screen to the F&B stands list, when there are no configured stands


Quick Service POS


New Features & Enhancements

  • POS and Kiosk will now accept QR Pay as a payment tender 

    • When enabled, the VenueNext Mobile Wallet QR Code can be scanned from the POS for discount application and full or partial payment of online orders

    • This tender requires:

      • A compatible Zebra USB scanner

      • POS APK version 2.9.0 or higher

    • QR Pay will not be available if the POS is offline

    • Only QR Pay or Rich Checkout can supported at a venue, they cannot both be enabled simultaneously

      • If using QR Pay, it can be enabled at the stand level

    • Please contact help@venuenext.com for enablement at your venue

  • Made updates to Submission and Submission Failed states:

    • Orders in these states will no longer include a settlement amount

    • Orders in these states will now be displayed in the order list with N/A to reflect the payment status since payment has not been captured for these transactions

    • For more details, see the full list of POS & Kiosk Card Transaction Order States

  • Removed subtotal, tax and total from the cart view

  • Business hours can now be used to determine availability of Kiosk menus

  • Added various UI enhancements


APK v2.12.1

New Features & Enhancements

  • Improved reliability of websocket connection on app upgrade and launch


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