Creating Revenue Centers With Menu Manager

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Description: This article will take you through the necessary and optional steps needed to create new revenue centers with Menu Manger.


Step 1: Log into Menu Manager at

Step 2:  Select "Revenue Centers" from the Menu drop down in the top left


Step 3: Select the blue plus icon in the top right


Step 4: Fill in the applicable fields.

1: Name - The name of the new revenue center.

2: External Ref ID - External identifier for reporting and third-party integrations.

3: Description - A brief description that will be displayed to the customer.

4: Time Zone - The time zone the physical location is located in.

5: Business End Time - What time the revenue center closes. This is usually 03:00.

6: Revenue Center Merchant - Select the payment configuration that should be used at this location.

7: Service Types - Create and maintain menus for the Revenue Center with a specific service type.

8: Filter Data - Add any location or cuisine tags. This allows customers to filter based on tags such as "burgers" or "hot dogs" or sections "102" or "301" etc.

9: Settings - Allows you to toggle tip suggestions for the location.

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