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Description: This article will take you through the necessary and optional steps needed to create new items from Menu Manager.


Step 1: Log into Menu Manager at

Step 2: Select Items from the Menu drop down in the top left.


Step 3: Select the blue plus icon in the top right.


Step 4: Fill in the applicable fields.

1: Name - Name of the item being created.

2: Display Name - The name that will be displayed on the menu.

3: Description - A brief description of the item that will be included on the menu.

4: Inventory Classification - External identifier for reporting and third-party integrations.

5: Image - Displays the image associated with the item. (Can only be updated in Canopy 1.0. This functionality will be added soon).

6: SKU - A unique alphanumeric string the identifies the product. Note SKUs should never be shared across two products, nor should a SKU be reused if the item is retired.

7: Barcode - The barcode of the item.

8: Availability - Drop down menu that lets you determine the items availability.

    • Available - Item has plenty of stock and can be ordered with no concern.
    • Low On Inventory - Removes the item from all menus but allows those currently placing an order to select and purchase it.
    • Unavailable - Immediately removes the item from all menus and current orders. Note we generally recommend against using this outside of extenuating circumstances.

9: Menus - Select which menus this item should be included in.

10: Price - Set pricing for the item. If using price levels, additional fields will be available to populate.

11: Tax - Sets if/how the item is taxed and at what rate.

12: Classifications - Classifies the item as alcohol, discountable, or if the item should auto-advance in Xpedite. Display and reporting categories can also be selected from their respective drop down menus.

13: Min/Max Per Order - Set a minimum or maximum quantity for the item.

14: Has Modifier Groups - If using modifiers. select which modifier group will apply to this item, set minimum and maximums, as well as the max quantity for the default pricing.

15: Belongs To Modifier Groups - Can only be updated in Canopy 1.0. This functionality will be revamped soon.

16: Add Item - Select to finish creating the item.

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