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VenueNext is a TicketMaster certified Loaded Tickets provider.  Teams may offer “Loaded Tickets” i.e. tickets bundled with virtual currency, that can be applied towards purchases at the point-of-sale and towards mobile orders.  Once activated, a “Load Tickets” button is displayed on the Wallet home screen allowing users to:

1. Load tickets already associated with their TicketMaster:



2. Load tickets that are in their possession, but not on their account, by entering the ticket number – e.g. a PDF ticket from a group sale



User Experience Details

  • Tickets are eligible to be loaded 60 minutes prior to the Access Control Start Time
  • Users may select which tickets to load if multiple tickets are on the account for that event – e.g. they intend on transferring tickets or have distributed some printed PDF tickets
  • Once the ticket value is loaded it may not be loaded by another person.  Disclaimers that require confirmation will alert the user that loaded ticket value is non-transferrable and should not be loaded if the ticket will ultimately be transferred
  • Unused funds from loaded tickets expire at 3am the day following the event

Note About Doubleheaders

  • If a fan possesses loaded tickets for both games they will initially only see tickets for the first event.  When the next event is eligible to load (60 minutes prior to the Access Control Start Time) then those tickets are shown. 

Note About “Stolen” Loaded Tickets

  • If a loaded ticket is reported stolen, the VenueNext Loyalty app may be used by an administrator to credit the rightful owner of the ticket.  Data would also show who loaded the "stolen" ticket and if desired an administrator can deduct that user's virtual currency
  • This same administrative workflow can be applied if a Loaded Ticket number is “guessed” and manually loaded.  However, someone has a 4.7 x 10^19 chance of correctly guessing a twelve character ticket ID


Enabling TicketMaster Loaded Tickets

  • Contact your VenueNext account manager to enable TicketMaster Loaded Tickets for your team.
  • Contact your TicketMaster representative about setting up the TicketMaster Loaded Value Barcode feed.

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