2023 Week 17 Release

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Quick Service POS



  • Fixed an issue where the user would receive an error message when selecting ticket tender on the Kiosk

v2.19.17-qs (Available for limited release 5/12/23)


  • PAX card readers will now be triggered more reliably when attempting to pay with a credit card, which will mitigate the app “freezing” while waiting for the card reader to process payments
  • There is now a card reader activation indicator in the header bar for diagnostic purposes (1 dot = not activated, 2 dots = activated)
  • Automatic version updates will now never interrupt the payment flow
  • Fortress loaded ticket functionality now includes support for member badges with direct authorization 
    • Please contact your Account Manager for enablement of Fortress loaded tickets at your venue


  • Fixed an issue where the app would sometimes reload a few seconds after logging in 

v2.19.11-qs (Available for limited release 5/5/23)


  • If a credit card transaction receives an error on the card reader, it will now appear in the orders list on the POS and be reported in DataNow as an Authorization Failed order
  • The current SAF mode will be persisted following a device reboot on PAX devices
  • If Ticket tender is enabled, it will be prioritized over Split to appear as a button in the cart
  • Various improvements to the “Other” payments list:
    • The list is now scrollable
    • Custom tenders now appear in alphabetical order
    • Only active payments types will appear

APK v2.10.1 (Available for limited release 5/5/23)


  • The app will now check device connectivity before switching from Offline Mode to Online Mode after the 30-minute cooldown period on PAX devices



  • The cart screen will now be limited to four payment buttons; additional payment options will appear in the “Other” payments list
  • Various improvements to prevent abandoned orders
  • Improvements to the split pay flow
  • When gratuity is enabled for a menu, the guest will now be able to add gratuity when paying with a Fortress loaded ticket

  • The email receipt option is no longer available when a device is offline

  • Various order syncing enhancements:

    • User can no longer start a new order while a device is in sync mode

    • The sync will now stop automatically when unsynced counts have reached 0

    • After rebooting a device, the app will no longer launch in sync mode

  • Improved the payment processing UI on mobile PAX devices

  • Improved the UI for entering special instructions for an item and entering an item quantity

  • The network indicator button is now disabled during the payment flow to prevent payment processing from being interrupted

  • Added several diagnostic logs


  • Fixed an issue where promotions were sometimes not being applied on the first checkout attempt

  • Fixed an issue on Kiosk where the rich checkout screen would sometimes load without a QR code in spotty network conditions

  • Fixed an issue where the discount button was sometimes still visible after a device would go offline


Canopy 1.0


⚠️ Sunset Notice — Loyalty Accounts Section


Please be advised that the Loyalty Accounts section has been deprecated and is scheduled for sunset/removal in our next production release.


We're consolidating our Loyalty program to enhance our users' experience by discontinuing the Canopy 1.0 Loyalty Accounts section. We recognize that our users require more advanced search capabilities and account management, which is why we're encouraging everyone to transition to our improved Loyalty App. With an array of new features, we're confident that you'll love using it. These include:

  • Searching for accounts by first and last name, account ID, and email address

  • Assigning promotions and affiliations to multiple or individual users

  • Bulk or individually award/deduct virtual currency

  • Scanning the users’ wallet badge to search for an account

  • Detailed transaction history


To ensure a smooth transition, we have introduced a new disclaimer at the top of the Loyalty Accounts page in Canopy 1.0 to notify users of our upcoming changes. We request that you transition from using Canopy 1.0 to manage your Loyalty accounts and instead use our improved Loyalty App going forward. Please note that using the Canopy 1.0 Loyalty Accounts section from now until its removal may result in inaccurate or dysfunctional functionality.


The Loyalty App is located at this URL: <instance/org_name>-loyalty.ordernext.com. If you do not have access to the Loyalty App, please contact VenueNext support at help@venuenext.com.



Loyalty App


New Features & Enhancements

  • Added the ability to bulk assign affiliations to Loyalty users via upload

    • See support article HERE

  • Added the ability to bulk assign promotions and discounts to Loyalty users via upload

    • See support article HERE

  • Added a new section in the account drawer to individually manage a user’s affiliation

    • Note: Affiliations assigned from a ticket provider will not display in this section. Only manually assigned affiliations done within the Loyalty App will be displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where clicking refresh when in an account drawer would produce an error

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a link that was shared to an account drawer would produce an error

  • Fixed an issue where searching for an account in an organization with multiple instances would return all accounts that fit that criteria from all instance sources



Orders App (Formerly Refund App)


New Features & Enhancements

  • Added the ability to search by the last four of a card payment

  • Added signatures to the “Detailed Payment Information” drawer within an order

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where certain card responses would display the card type and number as “N/A”



Menu Manager


New Features & Enhancements

  • Added new item selection drawers, replacing the existing item drop downs

  • Added new menu selection drawers, replacing the existing menu drop downs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the response times when loading global items would take an unacceptable amount of time



Mobile Ordering & Wallet


New Features & Enhancements

  • Enhancement: The wallet QR code will refresh if that screen is left idle, preventing the user from attempting to use the same wallet QR code twice

  • Enhancement: Minor design/UI adjustments to the QR Code screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the carat (category icon) wasn’t scrolling users to the selected category

  • Fixed an issue where the Marketplace order button was not enabled for correctly affiliated users

  • Fixed an issue where some Delivery orders were printing without a seat location

  • Fixed an issue where some refunded orders were not appearing on the My Orders screen

  • Fixed an issue where a user’s virtual currency balance sometimes displayed as “null”




New Features & Enhancements

  • Added Sales by Location and Item report, that includes Modifiers, to the Operational Sales report.

  • Added expired_at field to the Virtual Currency Activity and Mobile Wallet Awards tabs in the Wallet Exports report.

  • Edited Sales by Employee tile to include Order UUID and Order ID fields. Renamed old Sales by Employee tile to Employee Sales Data in Revenue Center Items and Order report.



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