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Zippin is an autonomous retail provider that supports VenueNext's mobile wallet QR code for location entry, discounts and payments.

Zippin locations, menus, items and discounts are setup just like a conventional Revenue Center however the following 10 guidelines must be adhered to:

Location Configuration

  1. Create a distinct Express Pickup location for each physical Zippin location
  2. Enter the External Ref ID that is provided by Zippin to enable mobile wallet QR code payments
  3. Include “Zippin” at the end of the name to aid in reporting, e.g.  Section A Grab n’ Go - Zippin
  4. Turn the visibility off to prevent the location from appearing in the mobile ordering menus list
  5. Zippin Merchant must be set on the location

Location Settings

  1. Set “Skip POS Submission State” to  completed
  2. Set “Settlement Disabled” to  Yes
  3. Set “Order Settlement by State” to  Not Collected
  4. Set “Leading Order Number Text” to  ZPN

Menu Items

  1. It is imperative that all items sold at Zippin locations are included in the menu and that menu items product_skus identically match the item IDs in Zippin’s system, to successfully charge a mobile wallet for their “cart”

    Note: At the time of writing, Zippin's platform requires SKUs to be in all caps. If your SKUs need to be adjusted to match Zippin's requirements, please log into Menu Manager to adjust them.  Any item with a SKU that needs to be updated will lose its item image.  You will need to re-upload the image to the new SKU.

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