2022 Week 37 Release

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Nick Renard




  • Made improvements to the timing and reliability of the manually initiated offline order syncing process 
  • When tapping the sync button to sync offline orders there will now be a message indicating that the syncing process has begun
  • Made improvements to the accuracy of the network-cloud indicator on the POS. It will now indicate whether the device has a network connection (current functionality) AND indicate if that network has internet access
    • Note: There may now be a short delay in updating to the correct status while signal speed is calculated
  • Made improvements to the rich checkout flow
    • When the POS device is online:
      • After a successful scan of the QR code, the user will be redirected to this screen
      • After the guest successfully completes the order on their mobile device, the user will be redirected to the receipt
    • When the POS device is offline:
      • The user will be redirected to this screen after being idle on the QR code screen for 45 seconds (only when POS is offline). When arriving at this screen, the attendant should request to see the guest's order confirmation on their mobile device before tapping "Confirm". After tapping "Confirm", the user will be redirected to the receipt
  • Increased the size of the rich checkout QR code on mobile devices

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