2022 Week 05 Release

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Nick Renard



No SDK update or app release is needed for the following

  • Food & Beverage categories will now be anchored to the top in a mobile browser (already in place for the SDK)

  • Order Now button is now anchored to the bottom of the mobile checkout screen so that it is always in view

  • Tip suggestions will now be used when an order has a 100% discount

No SDK update or app release is needed for the following

  • Removed a line that appears in the User Interface when editing modifiers in the cart
  • Fixed the padding of the quantity number in the checkout button
  • The Apple Pay sheet, the page where the payment is processed, will now display the correct amount being charged when there is a discount
  • Users will no longer be able to edit the quantity in the cart for a marketplace purchase to be greater than what is available
  • QR Code Pay at a 3rd party POS (i.e. retail) will correctly deduct from Virtual Currency and/or credit card on file based on the users' payment settings
  • Delivery fees will be added to the order when configured

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