2022 Week 04 Release

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Nick Renard


See all Full Service POS Release Notes here


  • Custom Tenders
    • You can now add custom tender types as payment options on the POS
      • Please email help@venuenext.com to get custom tenders set up for your organization
      • Once set up, tap "Other" on the terminal for a list of custom tenders when starting a tab or closing an order

No SDK update or app release is needed for the following
  • Revenue Center Filtering
    • Fans now have the ability to filter the list of Food & Beverage or Merchandise locations/ revenue centers so they can see what is near them or what they are interested in  
    • For example, if a fan is sitting near section 100 they can apply a filter to show them the locations that are nearby, or if a fan is interested in pizza they can filter for all locations that serve pizza
    • Reference this training article for more details

  • Service Fees
    • The Canopy configured service fee name will now be displayed in the cart & digital receipt
    • If a service fee disclaimer text has been configured in Canopy then it will display in the cart & digital receipt

  • Tips
    • Guests will now have the ability to tip on free orders
    • A tip suggestion (i.e. 15%) can now be set as the default tip amount, please contact help@venuenext.com if you would like to update the default tip amount
  • Item quantity minimum & maximum restrictions will be respected in the F&B ordering flow
  • Marketplace QR Code Redemption for awarded experiences is now supported, reference this training article for more details
  • The style of the OrderNext user interface has been updated
No SDK update or app release is needed for the following
  • Fixed a white screen when first going to an OrderNext URL with the product type defined (i.e. example.ordernext.com/?productType=Experience)
  • Modifiers will now show on the QuickPay & timer digital receipt formats
  • A guest's cart remains intact when going back to add more items
  • The add items button has been removed from the cart when purchasing from the experience marketplace

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