2023 Week 11 Release

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Canopy 2.0 Loyalty


New Features & Enhancements

  • Loyalty App is now mobile responsive

  • New promotion drawer replaces the previous dropdown for effective promotion management with expiration dates and search

    • If a user should receive a promotion that never expires, set the expiration for a date in the far future.

    • After a user has been assigned a promotion, the expiration date cannot be edited. Please remove the promotion first, and then reassign the promotion to the user if you wish to update the expiration.

  • Updated “Balance Adjustment” section

  • Operators now have the ability to hide a new award (credit) or deduction (debit) from a user’s mobile wallet

Bug Fixes

  • Promotions are now assigned correctly to accounts that exist without an instance

  • Expiration transactions are now being generated when virtual currency expires

    • When expiration transactions were not being generated, this caused the loyalty accounts page and DataNow loyalty balances to be inaccurate. Now that this fix is in place, when any transaction is created for a loyalty account, the account balance in DataNow and the account list in Loyalty App will be updated properly.

  • Loyalty balances in the loyalty account list will be more accurate

  • Expiration date field is now disabled when deducting virtual currency from an account


Canopy 1.0


New Features & Enhancements

  • Printer routing groups have been added to global items

  • Manual promotion/affiliation upload tool now supports phone number and email address as the account ID

    • Promotion and affiliation uploads should contain either a promotion OR an affiliation. Please do not include a promotion and an affiliation in the same line.

  • Manual promotion/affiliation upload tool now requires an expiration date

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