F&B Locations - Enabling tipping for specific locations.

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1. Open Canopy

2. Go to F&B > Locations

3. Click on the Service Type to access the menu settings.Screen_Shot_2023-03-27_at_7.28.39_PM.png

4. Confirm you are in the correct Service Type by selecting this drop down.

Once confirmed press 'Menus'.


5. Click 'Settings'.Screen_Shot_2023-03-27_at_7.34.21_PM.png

6. Scroll down to 'Order Options' and click it.


7. Set 'Provide Tip Suggestions' to 'Yes'. 

8. Scroll up to the top and press 'Update'.Screen_Shot_2023-03-27_at_7.36.11_PM.png


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