Running the Customer-Facing Order Status Board in a Web Browser

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How to Run the Order Status Board Page

This article will instruct you on how to set up the customer-facing order status board (OSB) on any device running in a web browser. Google Chrome or another Chromium based browser is recommended, at least version 74.


Step 1:

Open the browser or web display settings on your device and navigate to https://[instance_name] Instance name will match your Ordernext webpage subdomain. If your Ordernext webpage URL is then the Order Status Board URL will be


Step 2:

The registration page will open:


Note that the background color may vary depending on the branding settings for your organization.


Step 3:

Scan the QR code with any smartphone and navigate to the webpage that is prompted. Log in with your Canopy account and you will be forwarded to this page:


Select the appropriate organization and venue and click Submit.

If you receive a permission error of any kind, request access to the devices app through

If you are successful you will get a message that says "Device successfully registered!". Otherwise, report any error message to


Step 3:

Your OSB browser should automatically refresh after a few seconds and you should see a list of locations to choose from.


Select the location you wish to show order status for and you will be redirected to the home order status screen. By default, the home screen is blank. If you would like to add a message to the screen send an email with the text to Likewise, we can add a square logo if you like. 





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