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The following describes how 3rd parties can integrate with VenueNext to drive an account's eligible promotions and its virtual currency (aka stored value) balance. 

Account Identifier

The account identifier used should be the same account identifier that the user used to sign in.  There are two different scenarios to consider

  1. VN SDK integrated into a 3rd party application
    • When the VN SDK is integrated into a 3rd party app, the app provider controls the account ID used
    • The same account ID they used should be used when managing promotions & virtual currency balance
  2. VN Mobile Web Ordering
    • VN mobile web ordering supports 3 different sign-in options: Ticketmaster, AXS, or Phone Sign-in
    • The account ID for phone sign-in is the users phone number, e.g. +12121231987


Managing Promotions

Promotion Eligibility

  • After a promotion is configured in the VenueNext platform, using its UUID, it can be set to specific accounts so that they are eligible to receive the promotion
  • The promotion eligibility API can be used to assign promotions to an account
  • When the users goes to the cart the promotion will automatically be applied, if the cart line items & amounts trigger the promotion rules

Virtual Currency

Getting the account balance

  • The get account balance API request will accept an account ID and return that accounts balance
  • The accounts email, name, created date/ time, and the organizations virtual currency name (e.g. Buzz Bucks) will also be included in the response
  • This API should only be used to get the balance for a specific account, not to loop through many accounts to get the latest balance (see stream below for that)

Debiting & crediting the account balance

  • The bulk adjust API can be used for both crediting and debiting an account balance
  • Debits, i.e. a purchase or transfer, should pass in an amount less than 0
  • A users amount will never go below 0, even if the amount pass in would result in that
  • Credits, i.e. for a refund or a reward, should pass in an amount greater than 0

Debits & Credits Stream

  • For real-time visibility into balance adjustments (i.e. a purchase is made on the VenueNext platform) a Kinesis stream is available for integrators to subscribe to
  • The get account balance should not be used for near real-time balance updates, this Kinesis stream should instead be used


VenueNext supports the following promotion & virtual currency reports in DataNow:

  1. Configured promotions - see promotion details export
  2. Promotion usage - see F&B sales dashboard
  3. Virtual Currency balances & usage - see wallet accounts dashboard

Please contact for any questions or access to the above APIs.

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