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VenueNext mobile ordering & wallet is integrated into the MLB Ballpark app through OrderNext web views.  When an OrderNext web view is loaded into the Ballpark app, the Okta ID is received from the app and will sign the user in.  If is also used, the Okta ID will also be used to retrieve the TDC Patron ID.

The following are the steps needed to create a MLB Ballpark deep-link to the VenueNext mobile ordering experience.  These links can be used in marketing materials, signage, email campaigns, etc.

  1. Construct the OrderNext URL
    • The first part of the URL is
    • Please contact VenueNext if you are unsure of your organization key since this is not always the same as the OrderNext instance name
    • The second part is the OrderNext redirect
    • The third part is the optional menu redirect
    • This third part can be taken from the OrderNext URL, for example: 
    • The three parts are then concatenated together, for example: 
  2. Encode the URL
    • Use a tool like Meyer Web to encode the constructed URL
    • Using the same example, this will result in:

  3. Create the MLB Ballpark deep link
    • At the beginning of the encoded URL add the following: 
    • MLB will provide the venue ID value to use
    • This will result in:

  4. Coordinate with MLB to set up the branch URL using the MLB Ballpark deep link
    • A branch URL will direct the user to the MLB Ballpark app deep link if the user has the app installed
    • If the user does not have the app installed then they will be direct to an MLB site with details about the app and how to install it

  5. Coordinate with VenueNext to set up a short URL & QR code
    • This step is optional, but recommended
    • If the MLB Branch URL needs to change then VenueNext can update it without having to change the short URL or QR code, saving money and time from having to reprint signage

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