Mobile Ordering Receipt Formats

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VenueNext supports two different receipt formats, regular or timer, that can be leveraged regardless of the service type.


Regular Receipt

  • The regular receipt format is the default receipt format



Timer Receipt

  • To enable the timer receipt format, in Canopy
    • Go to the F&B or Merch Locations
    • Click the service type for the menu that should have it enabled
    • Navigate to the settings tab
    • Set 'Use Timer Receipt' to 'Yes' & then save the change


  • When enabled, the format of the receipt will have the following changes
    • Items apart of the order will be in larger text
    • A 90 second count down timer will display
    • Tapping anywhere on the receipt will change the color of the timer background, for fraud prevention



  • Revenue centers that are set to QuickPay as the service type will by default use the regular receipt form, if the countdown timer is needed then it must be configured
  • The same logic can be extended to merchandise, but not marketplace experiences

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