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Guest Experience

Allow guests to use their phone to quickly scan item barcodes, and pay.  No hardware investment or camera installation required!

  • Using the web or app, a guest will navigate to their Wallet and launch the Scan & Pay feature (i.e. the same camera they use for Rich Checkout)
  • Upon scanning a barcode that matches an item in the global items catalog in Canopy, the guest will be presented the item details, where they can adjust the quantity
  • If an invalid barcode is scanned an error message would appear
  • On the item details, the guest can quickly "Add to Cart" and then keep scanning additional items
  • When the guest is ready they can “Order Now” and pay with a credit card or virtual currency (if enabled & the guest is signed in)


Multiple Revenue Centers

  • In the scenario where an item belongs to multiple revenue centers, the guest will first be prompted to select the revenue center they are at
  • For the rest of their purchase, the selected revenue center will automatically be applied
  • The mobile self checkout URL can optionally have a specific revenue center as a parameter so that the user is not prompted to select a revenue center (if the item scanned belongs to more than 1)


Signed-in & Anonymous Checkout

  • Scan & pay self-checkout is supported for both signed-in users and anonymous users
  • Signed-in users can go to their wallet and tap scan & pay, or by going to the OrderNext instance and appending /wallet/scanner to the URL (i.e.
  • Anonymous users can go to the same URL, add a credit card, scan items, & pay
  • VenueNext recommends using short URLs and/or QR codes that go to the scanner deeplink


Canopy Configuration

  • When setting up a self checkout revenue center, set the service type to "SelfCheckout"
  • Additionally, if the larger text & timer receipt format is needed, then select timer receipt as the format
  • When setting up a global item there is a new barcode input field, which is where the barcode value for the physical items will be entered


  • This applies to both F&B and Merchandise
  • VeneueNext currently supports the following barcode formats
    • QR Codes
    • EAN8
    • EAN13
    • UPCA
    • UPCE
    • CODE128

Important Notes

  • EAN13/ UPCA Barcode Format
    • It is important to understand what type of barcodes are on the physical items
    • I.e. EAN13 barcodes show 12 digits (i.e. 123456789012) but when scanned there is actually a leading 0 (i.e. 0123456789012)
    • For EAN13 barcodes it must be entered into Canopy with the leading 0
  • Merchandise Variants
    • If a master item is set up with variants then the user will be prompted to select a variant; however, the opposite is not true
    • Variants should not be setup with barcodes for self-checkout, they should be created as their own master items for self-checkout
    • If a barcode is set up on a variant then the user will see a white half sheet modal when scanned
  • iOS & Android Camera Scanning Support
    • iOS 13.4+ / 14.3+
    • Android:
      • Chrome 59+
      • Firefox 55+
      • Samsung Internet 7+
      • Opera 46+



  • Reporting on self-checkout orders is currently done by reporting on specific revenue centers
  • Additional reporting enhancements coming soon

Example Barcodes

01213104 would be entered into Canopy for the following barcode.



0885906354279 would be entered into Canopy for the following barcode. Notice the leading/ hidden 0 that must be there when configured in Canopy.



0089826300402 would be entered into Canopy for the following barcode. Notice the leading/ hidden 0 that must be there when configured in Canopy.


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