How to Place an Order

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How to Place and Order


Step 1:

Select the Menu you wish to order from


Step 2:

Select the + symbol for the items you wish to add to the order

If you select an item that has a modifier, this box will pop up and ask you to select the modifiers:

Step 3:

Select the payment method (cash or card)


If paying by card, this is the next screen that will appear:

The customer can either scan the QR code and pay with their phone or you will be able to swipe a credit card.

Step 4:

The customer will be if they would like to add gratuity. They will also need to provide their signature. Then make sure you select “DONE” at the bottom of the screen.


Step 5:

If paying by cash, once you have selected the cash payment type, this screen will appear:


Step 6:

Enter the amount the customer hands you,  and it will calculate the change due.

Scroll down and select complete

The receipt will appear, and the customer can take a picture of it or you can print it. Then select done and it will take you back to the order page to create another order. You can also print the receipt if your POS has a printer.



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