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To watch more how-to videos, visit our video section.

To watch more how-to videos, visit our video section.

To watch more how-to videos, visit our video section.


Description: Learn how to place an order on the POS with credit or cash payment.


Placing an order using Credit Card

  1. Select the Menu you wish to order from. Then select Next.

  1. Select the + symbol for the items you wish to add to the order.

Note: If you select an item that has a modifier, this box will pop up and ask you to select the modifiers. Then select Update.


 3. Select the Button for the payment method.



If paying by Card, this is the next screen that will appear. The customer will be asked  if they would like to add Tip. The customer can select to leave a Tip by selecting a pre generated percent or they could select Custom Tip or No Tip.



4. Once Tip is added the customer selects Pay. The customer will then be able to pay with the card by Insert/Tap/Swipe.



Placing an order with Cash


If paying by Cash, once you have selected the Cash payment type, this screen will appear:


1. Enter the amount the customer hands you,  and it will calculate the change due. Select Done.



2. The receipt screen  will appear, and the customer can Email or Print the receipt or select I’m Done for no receipt. . Once the customer  selects  a choice it will take you back to the order page to create another order.  



Placing an order with Split Payment


Note: Once a Split Tender is started it can not be cancelled.


If paying by Split Payment, once you have selected the Split Payment ,type, this screen will appear: Select Proceed.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 1.07.30 PM.png

1. You are now at the register screen where you can choose a the tip. Choose from the pre generated percentages or choose Custom or No Tip. Then select Next.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 1.09.04 PM.png

2. Choose what the first person will pay. You can select from the pre generated options Evenly, Percent or Custom. Then select Next. 

3. Select a form of payment. House Tender, Card or Cash. Then select Next.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 1.14.08 PM.png

 4. Enter the amount to be paid if Cash you can choose choose from the pre generated amounts or Exact or enter the amount the customer has gave to you. Hit Next. 

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 1.17.24 PM.png

5. The receipt page will pop up with the remaining balance. Select Continue to next tender.Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 1.22.05 PM.png

6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the remaining balance. 

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