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Step #5

Once the  initial build of the app is complete, we will move into User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The below will provide steps to set up testers to download the app for both iOS/Apple and Android/Google Play once made available to review. 

For both the first release and future releases we will provide the build number to download and test. For subsequent releases, release notes will also be included with the build number so you know specific elements to review while completing UAT.


iOS Test Flight Steps

  1. Download the Test Flight app in the Apple Store. This can be done now here; https://apps.apple.com/us/app/testflight/id899247664
  2. To invite additional reviewers to Test Flight, please determine who will be internal and external users. Please send a list of additional users to launch@venuenext.com, or reply to this email, noting their internal or external designation.
    • Internal testers can access all builds available for testing and is limited to 25 users.
    • External testers can access builds once they go through the App Store review process, but before they are submitted for public release.
  3. Once the app is ready, an invite will be sent to the designated users on the Test Flight account.


Android App Center & Beta Testing

  1. Android apps will be made available for User Acceptance Testing through App Center which is a Visual Studio for apps, powered by Microsoft; https://appcenter.ms
  2. Users will need to sign in to App Center using a Google account. To invite additional reviewers, please send a list of emails to launch@venuenext.com in order to be invited to test the app in App Center.
  3. If the app is confirmed for release, it will be uploaded to Google Play. 
  4. If further testing is needed, testers can sign up for the Beta program, which offers you a simple way to view the app before it is released. Find the Beta program instructions below.
    • To sign up for the Beta program, (unlike iOS this is not an app), please do so now here; https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7003180?hl=en
    • Once the app is ready for testing, an email will be sent to the list of designated users with a link to your app in Beta.
    • Click on the link provided and the latest app version will be there to download and review.


For any issues or questions please contact your Sales Operations contact.

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