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Operators can now define specific Global Items as Auto-Advance. When an order only contains Auto-Advance Global Items, the order will automatically transition to a specified order state.

Marking a Global Item as Auto-Advance

1. Log into Canopy and navigate to F&B -> Global Items 

2. Check the "Auto-Advance" checkbox on each Global Item that you would like transitioned to a specific state.

3. Click "Update" when finished.


Defining the Auto-Advance Order State

1. Navigate to the Org, Venue, Location, or Menu-level settings where you would like to define the order state.

2. Scroll to the "Pos/Xpedite" section

3. Enter the order state that is desired from the following options ("completed" is the default) :
    - processing | bumped | assigned | completed | queued 
    - Note: When entering the state, capitalization must be exactly as it is above.


4. Click "Update"

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